About JNW Designs Eductation

JNW Designs limited has a team of qualified teachers with an excellent track record of success having taught in main stream education for over 10 years. We specialise in teaching specialist Design and Technology skills to meet National Curriculum D&T Requirements to KS2 and KS3 where schools may not have the facilities to do so.

We have found from having taught at many schools, having an outside specialist teach a project to young designers of the future; not only engages students more it allows them to experience new skills to help hook them into the creative side of Design, thus making learning fun.

Why Choose JNW Designs ?

• Outstanding Qualified DT Teachers with over 10 years’ experience
• Extremely friendly staff
• Challenging and fun projects to choose from
• Can create bespoke projects in house to meet cross curricular requirements
• Quality tools, materials and resources supplied
• Outstanding knowledge of the education system

Bespoke Projects

If you would like us to design a project to suit your specific requirements please contact one of our specialist members of staff and we will be happy to help.


Our packages depend on how many students there are and work on a day rate. This includes all resources and will be explained when you make a booking.

Please see the table below for a rough guide of prices. For multiple bookings discounts can be applied.

Please contact us to find out more
Year Group Amount of students/day Price start from/per day
Year 3 Up to 90 students £695.00
Year 4 Up to 90 students £745.00
Year 5 Up to 90 students £815.00
Year 6 Up to 90 students £855.00
Year 7 Up to 60 students £795.00
Year 8 Up to 60 students £855.00
Year 9 Up to 60 students £895.00
Upon your booking one of our team will arrange a meeting with you to discuss the logistics of the day and ensure there is adequate space for the project to be taught.
  • Mr Hawkings
    ‘’I just want to take a moment to thank Johnathan from JNW Designs for such a wonderful day where all of our students had so much fun creating a flat pack moving monster. All the students have asked when you are coming back to teach them again.
    Mr Hawkings
  • Mrs Emmett
    ’What an amazing day the children had at Priory school, having JNW Designs teaching our children the importance of Design and producing a drag racing car which they got to race against each other at the end of the day in a thrilling competition. It was so incredible to see all the children enjoying themselves and been totally engrossed in what they were designing. They all progressed massively.’’
    Mrs Emmett