Years 10 and 11

To help further students technical skills we offer an in house City and Guilds brazing qualification where students get to use an oxy-acetylene brazing torch to create a frame which is worthy of any engineer that has to use brazing in there day today job e.g Plumbers, Air conditioning engineers.

This course covers the manipulation and jointing of refrigeration quality copper pipe work. In accordance with BS 1723, The Pressure Equipment Directive and EN 378. Training is provided in both practical and the theoretical importance of good installation practices. This programme involves a open book written examination and practical test.

Breakdown of the day

• Safety equipment and Personal Protective Equipment
• Company Safety Procedures, C.O.S.H.H. and permits to work
• Brazing equipment and selection of fluxes and filler materials
• Nitrogen purging
• Practical cutting, swaging and brazing
• Silver soldering dissimilar metals
• Nozzle sizing and pressure settings
A certificate and I.D. card will be awarded upon the successful completion of this course.


We can cater for 12 students per day in house and is priced for a 1 day assessment course at £195 per student and is available to young aspiring engineers. For large bookings of 6 students or more discounts are available.